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Knee Blowout – Torn MCL, Not Good!

July 13, 2007

Oh man. Oh man. Oh man.
I was out for my morning training last week and blew my XXXXing left knee as I was coming down some steps. Not good. At all.

I’ve been to the Physio and a knee specialist and they confirmed it was a grade 2 tear of the MCL and that I will walk again. In meantime it was 2 or 3 days on crutches and this crazy ass metal brace – which I get to wear for a coulple weeks.

Nothing has ever hurt this much that i can remember.

My first thought when it happened was “Oh shit, what if I can’t go to Everest.” And trust me, when you hobble into a Doctor’s office on crutches an tell them you need to be fit to hike Everest in 8 weeks, they give you some funny looks.

The good news is after waiting 3 hours for a painkiller prescription, I finally got in to see a Dr. who could write me one. I had been waiting all morning for something I knew should only take 5 minutes – just go in, get the scrip and be done. Plus, I hadn’t eaten breakfast so I was cranky.

So, I get into the Dr.s office, and I’m pouting and hurting and as I grumpily hand him my X-rays I look up, and I swear, the whole wall above his desk was covered in pictures of Nepal and the Himalayas. I knew right then I was meant to go on this trek and that I was going to make it.

I ended up chatting with this guy – who wasn’t that fit looking BTW – for about 20 minutes about the trek and region. He’d been 3 times and was going back next year. The one thing he told me that stuck with me was this:

The people who usually get hurt trekking up there are the super healthy, fit people who rush up. All the slow moving fatties make it no problemo. See, you gotta take it slow and acclimatize for realz.

It’s that old Tortise and the Hare thing. Ok, gotta ice my hinge up now.


Training Begins

July 10, 2007

Oh man…started training hard last week, running stairs a lot – and it hurts – a lot. It’s winter here and it has been cold and rainy – a lot…which makes it all too easy to stay in snuggled under the covers and drink hot tea.

Which is little bit like Everest training really, if you think about it…staying warm and rehydrating. Any mountaineer who has been to Everest before will tell you these 2 very important things are crucial to surviving in the elements at altitude.

So you could say I’m pretty much ready already. ‘Cept my legs. I can’t feel my legs!

That’s the update from Bondi Beach, Australia. Looking forward to seeing you all on the hill.


July 2, 2007

In October 2007 Eran Thomson, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Prepare to Live, in conjunction with the Love, Hope, Strength Foundation will climb Mt. Everest to raise awareness and funds for Young Adults coping with cancer. This event will be filmed by MTV and The BBC’s acclaimed documentary team and presents a tremendous and unique media opportunity for any interested sponsors.

As proud an achievement as this climb will be, the harder challenge may be raising the $25,000 needed to go. Please make an online donation now and make this mission a complete success.Your contribution will go towards raising awareness of Young Adult cancer issues though both Prepare to Live and LHSF as well as offset the associated costs of this once-in-a-lifetime undertaking.

Prepare to Live is a 50(c)3 non-profit, charitable organization. As such we rely entirely on gifts, charitable contributions and bequests to exist. If not for generous individuals, trusts, companies and other organizations, Young Adults coping with cancer would be left without our unique and valuable resources. Please give generously.

Contributions to Prepare to Live are in most cases tax-deductible. Please click here for information and consult your local tax expert for details.

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Hello world!

July 1, 2007

Welcome to the “Prepare to Climb” blog. This is the place to check regularly for updates as I get ready to head for the “hill.”

Don’t worry, we’re not summiting – just to base camp. I’m an experienced camper and have done a fair bit of climbing, but nothing that truly qualifies me for a summit – as my parents so worriedly pointed out in a recent email. Seems they thought I was really going to just try and head straight for the top with out any real experience or expert training. I wonder how they got that idea?

Anyway, stay tuned, and get ready to send stong leg muscle vibes and worm thoughts come October.