Pringles: The Ultimate Traveler’s Panacea


Pringles: The Ultimate Traveler’s Panacea

Modern medicine typically comes in two common forms: pills and liquids. I’d like to suggest a third: tubes.

A simple tube of Pringles can relieve many common traveler complaints:

It’s all about familiarity and predictability – two things you almost never have, or want when you are traveling. Except when you are homesick. For many travelers, myself included, that instantly recognizable cardboard tube with the mustachioed man on it calls out like a friend from home – wherever home may be.

Scary Local Cuisine:
Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be brave. Sure you saved up your money to experience a new country, new cultures, new foods, but sometimes…sometimes you gotta check yourself. My advice, Save toilet paper, grab yourself a tube of Sour Cream and Onion and eat those instead. And if you really, really gotta try that mystery street vendor meat, do it on the last day of your trip.

Stomach Issues:
Ok so you had too many local beers and went back to Mr. Mystery Meat vendor. Well, whatever is going on in your tummy, a massive influx of masticated Pringles will sort it out. It’s like cement, they go in and everything just hardens up. Take that Montezuma!

LIke I said. Cement.

Sodium Depletion
It’s a known fact that you lose sodium through your sweat. And if you’re like me, you don’t mind traveling to places that are warm. So whether you’re chillaxing in the sun or hiking up the Himalayas, play it safe. Take a Tube™ (Catchy hunh?)

Low Energy
As much of a disgrace as bicycle racing has become there’s one thing Tour de France riders can’t get punished for loading up on; Carbs. The fact is they give you energy. So if you’ve been sleeping on train station benches or just feeling slack, load up.

And here’s more good news. You don’t need a prescription for Pringles. Unlike most medicine there’s no need to read the label, in fact, you probably can’t even if you wanted to. Half the time the labels are in a language completely different to the one spoken where you bought them.

You don’t have to take them as directed (but how else would you?), you probably can’t overdose, (maybe), and best of all, a tube of Pringles never expires, at least not in your lifetime.

The best thing is, you don’t even have to pack a bulky tube in your first-aid kit. Pringles can be found anywhere on the planet. I’ve traveled in over 40 countries and I can tell with you with absolute certainty that Pringles are everywhere. Maybe not every flavor, sometimes flavors you never heard of before, but they are everywhere.

I’ve been places where you couldn’t find a Coke or a Big Mac to save your life, but easily spotted Mr. Pringle chilling on a dusty shelf inside a rundown shack made of straw and cow patties, the local equivalent of a 7-11.

Pringles are great not because they are delicious, but because they are familiar – and they work. I know it’s reconstituted potato paste and a bunch of chemical flavoring, and I don’t care. Each time you slide a perfectly formed chip into your mouth, Pringles delivers.

Every time.


2 Responses to “Pringles: The Ultimate Traveler’s Panacea”

  1. sundaysfantasy Says:

    Yeah, I work in a shop, where some Pringles tubes went past their sell-by date, and now I am happily munching on expired chips 🙂

  2. Armando Swaggert Says:

    Smart browse, good points, a number of which I have learned along the approach still (humility, grace, layoff the controversial stuff).

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