Fivebucks Base Camp

There’s two things I like about Starbucks Coffee Shops:

1). They almost always have wi-fi access. Sometimes even free (if you don’t count the $5 you just paid for a double-latte-grande-something or other), and

2) So far they haven’t put one on Mt. Everest.

This is how it should be, but it does mean that as much as I’d like to, it may be difficult to keep you all abreast of the situation up there.


Who would you rather fly with?

We depart tomorrow morning at 4am to fly to Lukla and from there we’ll have a 7 hour hike ahead of us. We won’t return to Kathmandu until the 27th. So it’s quite possible I’ll have to post all the great pics and stories from the trek then.

Until then you can follow along on the Everest Rocks website (link at right) and if I can hop on their equipment while we’re en route, I’ll share tall tales from the trail.

Thanks again everyone for all your support and good wishes. It’s going to be great.


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