Near Death Experiences

You are so lucky.

You are one of the luckiest people in the world, to live where you live, to eat how you eat, to work how you work and to be cared for how you are cared for if and when you go into a hospital.

Today James and Greg and I went to visit the Kanti Hospital to visit the children’s cancer ward. What passes for an acceptable level of hygiene, sterility, cleanliness is outrageous.

I could easily horrfiy you with images of struggling children and the repulsive conditions in which they recieve their treatment, but I’ll just share this one.


This is James scrubbing up in the same sink where Doctors and Nurses wash up before surgery and treating patients. When you are done you dry your hands on a towel you wouldn’t use to wash your dog with.

Needless to say the funds raised by Everest Rocks will be put to good use here in Nepal. And the good news is at least the Doctor is really good. I’ve spoken with more than my fair share of cancer Docs and this guy knew what he was talkikng about and was doing the best he could given his situation.

It was heartbreaking to see these kids – who for the most part are in good spirits – trapped inside this dingy, smelly building. And when I say smelly, I mean it. James was gagging at one point and I swear, the odor in one section of the hospital could only be classified as “death.”

Our intention was to speak to some of the many parents who often choose not to spend the money to make their children well becuase it’s too exensive and they have other kids to support anyway. We wanted to say “look at us, we had cancer too and we beat it. So can your kid – get them the treatment,” but in the end we simply held back the tears and gave away stickers and plastic toys. And in this environment, you can imagine what joy this brought to the young ones.

Afterwards, Greg asked me, “so, did that being back any memories for you of when you were going through it?”

My answer: “Not even a little. No part of my cancer treatment was even remotely close to what we saw in there today.”



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