October 17th Update from everestrocks.com

Just when you think it cannot get any better, it does.
We shouldn’t be surprised by this – it’s been true every day since we started this escapade, but still, what a day.

Last night the rains came and deposited a light dusting of snow in the mountains that made the spectacular views even more majestic and the musicians provided an excellent soundtrack as always, even taking time to teach a couple of the sherpas to play a few bars. This morning we left the most amazing hostel behind; great beds, great heaters, great meals, great staff, great views…it was hard to leave – and if anyone asks, we were roughing it in tents – but leave we did on what was meant to be one of the longer trekking days.

We set out from Tashinga with plans to stop for lunch near the ancient, but glorious monastery at Thyangboche. The location would make any real estate agent salivate with it’s incredible Everest views and it’s understandable why the production crew worked so hard to get permission to film a short music video there, . From what I heard the High Lama was pleased and happily starred in the video giving special blessings to Mike and James and wishing “strength and safety” for our group as a whole. (see the message from Mike below)

We all had a good lunch afterwards and catnapped in the sun until Ade cracked the whip and encouraged us onward and upwards towards Pangboche. The route was blessed with amazing views, not only of the mountains around us, but of the rushing river we crossed earlier in the day over a handmade wooden bridge covered with new prayer flags flapping in the cool mountain breeze. Looking down everyone was impressed with how far we’ve come in such a short time. And for the first time today the path was filled not only with infecting scent of “Eau de Yak Turd,” but also the indescribable effervescence of fresh Balsam drifting down from the conifer bows curving above our path. As usual the trip passed faster than expected despite constant Yak traffic jams, pauses to admire hand carved Mani prayer stones and of course, countless photo ops.

It was another perfect day of hiking in the Himalaya and we celebrated, against Ade’s best advice, with a round of very cold, very deserved beers upon arrival. The group continues to bond and the energy and spirit of what we are doing is palpable. Up here in the Himalayas it’s hard to believe the reports from home about all the press we are getting, but when you look around at the people here it starts to make sense. There is so much talent, so much dedication and and so much love up here. It takes a special kind of person to do something (crazy) like this and more and more I’m realizing how lucky I am to have snuck in to spend quality time with them all.


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